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Advancing Low Carbon Solutions

The CCUS Forum brings together global experts with a shared objective: fostering collaboration and exchanging ideas to mitigate carbon emissions for a net-zero future.

CCUS as a Decarbonization Strategy
CCUS plays a crucial role in accelerating the journey to Net Zero. It captures CO₂ emissions, utilizes them sustainably, and stores them to mitigate climate change and promote sustainability.
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Oct – Cairo, Egypt

Our Focus


Building important connections, cultivating partnerships, and constructing networks among CCUS professionals, scholars, and stakeholders.


Offering a platform for gaining deep understanding, perspectives, and awareness about the challenges, opportunities, and advancements in CCUS. 


Providing exposure, recognition, and visibility to ideas, innovations, and initiatives within the CCUS community and beyond.

Why should you be a part of CCUS Forum?
Accelerate to Net Zero:
Collaborate with global leaders and experts to explore innovative strategies, fast-tracking the journey to Net Zero and turning sustainability into a shared reality.
Masterclass Workshops:
Immerse yourself in interactive sessions, exploring the latest trends in Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) led by industry experts.
Dynamic CCUS Conference:
Engage with thought leaders in the energy market during the CCUS Conference, focusing on sustainability, innovation, and future energy trends.
Network with Industry Leaders:
Connect with professionals, policymakers, and pioneers, fostering collaboration and unlocking new business prospects.

Conference Themes

Providing a comprehensive review of current local frameworks and global CCUS policies, pinpointing the primary obstacles to extensive CCUS implementation, and investigating strategies to establish a robust and sustainable commercial market for CCUS (referring to IEA CCUS Policies and Business Models report) we will discuss the different methodologies that can navigate the complex challenges and pave the way for widespread adoption

As two of the most carbon-intensive sectors globally, aviation, cement, steel and chemical production face unprecedented challenges in achieving sustainability goals. This session aims to explore innovative strategies, technological breakthroughs, and collaborative initiatives that leverage CCUS to significantly reduce carbon emissions from these vital industries.

Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) technologies are pivotal in combating climate change, addressing both point source emissions and atmospheric CO2. We explore point source capture, direct Air Capture (DAC) advanced sorbents and more. The synergistic use of these technologies optimises carbon capture processes, making them more energy-efficient and economically viable.

By transforming captured carbon into valuable products, CCU not only reduces emissions but also contributes to a sustainable, circular economy, fostering a greener and more responsible industrial landscape.

This year’s action packed agenda is set to

Exploring - how we add value with a low carbon economy


Building a sustainable tomorrow today

CCUS Forum’s Visionary Deliverables for a Sustainable Future

Regional & international cooperation toward the development of CCUS

Carbon pricing opportunities, business models and cost reductions

Carbon capture DAC + PSC

Carbon storage and utilization

MENA carbon market regulations and policies

CCUS infrastructure and projects at scale

The role of CCUS in reaching carbon neutrality for the Gulf countries

Global and regional demand for CCUS is growing

The GCC is home to some of the most energy and carbon dependent industries in the world, making the journey to net zero particularly challenging. Carbon capture, utilization, and storage provides commercial opportunities for these hard-to-abate industries and organizations to transition to more sustainable business models.
Many Gulf countries have committed to reaching net zero targets by 2050, but this is not possible unless CCUS technologies are largely scaled up and deployed.
Tonnes of CO₂ emitted through oil & gas production in the Gulf in 2021.
The estimated value of the CCUS market by 2050.
Allied market research

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