CCUS Forum

Under the Patronage of H.E. Sheikh Faleh Bin Nasser Al-Thani Minister of Environment and Climate Change
تحت الرعاية الكريمة لسعادة الشيخ الدكتور فالح بن ناصر آل ثاني وزير البيئة والتغير المناخي

Masterclass Workshop

Qatar 2023

Join 100 trailblazers, energy decision makers, climate workers, and ambassadors for change, and spend a full day sharing ideas and engaging in dialogue during a highly interactive program. The sessions will cover insightful themes, around energy and sustainable development, people, tech and measuring what matters

Carbon Capture

Direct Air Capture & Point Source
Capture – the differences, benefits
and how to overcome challenges to
scaling the technologies.

Storage and Mineralisation

A two-part technical masterclass that
delves into solutions for storing CO₂
underground for a long period of time, or the conversion into inert minerals.

Carbon Utilisation

Can we really mine the air? Gain
insight into industries creating
marketable value for captured
CO₂ and putting it to use.